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Change is near. Juliette and her family know that access to clean water will change their lives forever. 

Not having clean water affects every part of her family's life - their health, their ability to attend school or to work - and locks them into a cycle of poverty. 

The family pull together to survive. Whilst she works 12-hour shifts as a porter, Juliette's grandchildren collect dirty water and use it for cooking. 

"We would be overjoyed to get clean water and a nice toilet. We, the poor, we would feel cared for," says Juliette. 

The project in Madagascar will supply nine villages in the region with clean drinking water, including nine schools and two health care centres!

This means that your generous donation today, could help over 12,000 people in Madagascar and other places in dire need have access to safe water for washing, drinking and irrigating crops!