Save water and save money by reducing shower time in your household


WaterAid is working hard to help address the global water crisis. We work across 34 countries to help bring clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene to the millions of people that don’t have access to this basic right.


In fact, more than 750 million people globally don’t have access to safe water.


In Australia, we are also impacted by the water crisis and we all need to be doing our bit to help save this precious resource. WaterAid Australia was originally started by the local water sector who recognised the need to address the crisis and we still partner with the local water sector to this day.


We've partnered with Sydney Water to offer you a free "Love water, don't waste it" shower timer to help you keep your showers under four minutes!


By taking a four minute shower, you will be helping to save litres of precious water and save money at the same time. Try out this easy, simple solution and become a water saving warrior now!

To claim your free shower timer, just fill in the form. 



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