Facebook Paypal Giving Fund

Image: WaterAid/Mani Karmacharya

Facebook have recently created the PayPal Giving Fund- a platform which enables donations to be taken through Facebook on behalf of charities- like us! Donations are processed via PayPal and deposited to the charity at the end of the month.

For fundraising events like the Water Challenge this means that your sponsors won’t show up on your fundraising page. But we can add these donations to your page at the end of the month when we receive the funds from Facebook if you let us know the details (you can email us at [email protected])

We do not receive any information about the person who made the donation or the fundraiser unless they opt in to sharing their information. So we can thank you for your support and keep you posted on how your donation is being used, we ask you to opt in when making a donation or setting up a fundraiser via the Facebook PayPal Giving Fund.