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WaterAid is at the forefront of emerging trends in fundraising, technical and social innovation and we pride ourselves for being agile and nimble to identify new opportunities and capitalise on new partnerships.

We are very proud to provide supporters with the opportunity to contribute to our programs by donating in cryptocurrency (Bitcoin and Litecoin).

In partnership with the Blockchain Philanthropy Foundation and UNICEF we have developed a donation platform that allows donors to support our work overseas. 100% of the donations are sent directly to WaterAid.

This new donation platform provides new and current supporters with a new tool to support our programs through not only a different currency but – more widely – through a financial transaction system that is secure and transparent. The added security of blockchain makes the whole donation process fully transparent and traceable, which perfectly aligns with our values of being an open and sharing organisation.

Australians processed more than 2.7 million individual transactions from more than 300,000 traders. Australian exchanges traded more than $3.9 billion in cryptocurrency with an average traded value of $1,430, according to the latest research available from Accenture and the Australian Digital Commerce Association (ADCA) so we want to ensure supporters can support WaterAid’s work using the payment method most convenient for them.

Please visit the donation platform to find information on our programs and donate your cryptocurrency of choice.


Blockchain Philanthropy Foundation Launch

Want to know more?

If you are interested in working with us to create lasting change, please contact our Head of Strategic Partnerships and Philanthropy Federico Marcon:

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