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Impact Accelerator

Welcome to the Who Gives A Crap and WaterAid Impact Accelerator!

We are excited to be working with our friends and long-term partner Who Gives A Crap to bring a new, innovative approach to solving some of sanitations biggest issues. Together we will take challenging sanitation problems and through the Impact Accelerator, develop innovative new solutions.

The Impact Accelerator

The Impact Accelerator will trial new approaches to sanitation in WaterAid's programs across the globe. We will focus on innovative and scalable approaches to current problems, as well as neglected areas of sanitation. We will also seek to identify ideas that if successful, could attract additional ongoing investment from other government, non-government, and private sector funders to reach large scale impact. Central to the fund is a commitment to sharing with openness what initiatives are succeeding, which are failing and why, so the entire sector can benefit. We want the fund to help the global community achieve the goal of everyone, everywhere having access to a clean and functioning toilet.

What is the Sanitation Crisis?

A decent toilet is something everyone should take for granted - at home, school, work and public places. It's a basic human right that protects people from dangerous diseases and provides dignity. Yet two billion people worldwide - that's one in four - still do not have a toilet.

Governments have neglected sanitation for too long, resulting in a severe lack of finance, skills, resources and systems to ensure everyone has access to a decent toilet.

The Partnership

Who Gives A Crap and WaterAid have a successful and life-changing partnership that began in 2012, culminating not just in the creation of the Impact Accelerator with an initial investment of $1 million, but further investment in life-changing water, sanitation and hygiene projects with WaterAid globally.

Learn more about the organisations and the partnership in practice.

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