Photos and logos

Using our photos

The photos on this website vividly show the water, sanitation and hygiene crisis, before and after our work. They can really help bring a news story to life or illustrate the need, as well as some of the solutions.

For more information about our photo library and using our images, please contact us.

Please note: All WaterAid photographs are subject to copyright. These photographs may be reproduced in publications and online provided they are properly credited. Please contact us first to let us know you are using them. Thank you.


If you're running an event to support us, then you'll find the "In support of WaterAid" logo useful to print out and display or incorporate in an online design.

Please note this is for individuals to use only. If you are a company wanting to use the WaterAid logo, please contact us on [email protected]. Thanks!

'In support of WaterAid' logo

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