WaterAid Australia Annual Report 2016-17


Over the past 12 months WaterAid Australia has achieved so much whilst also adapting to change. Paul Nichols was our Chief Executive for the first part of the year and we would like to thank and acknowledge the contributions of Paul who resigned in October 2016.

In our country programs the key role we play, alongside our diverse partners, in bringing about change is clearly demonstrated in the stories that follow. They bring to life the work of our incredible teams across the region. Every year we are adapting and innovating the way we work. Through the power of sport we have found new ways of enabling leadership of women and girls and talking about menstrual hygiene management and handwashing. Through the creativity of the arts we are highlighting the rights of people with disability to access water, sanitation and hygiene. Through the power of citizen’s voices we are working to implement and test social accountability tools such as community scorecards.

As we catalyse change in our region we have focused on how we can contribute to progress towards the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. Our work is focused on the water, sanitation and hygiene goal which underpins the achievement of many of the other goals for health, education, gender equality, sustainable cities and peace and justice. Through your support over the years WaterAid has changed millions of lives, and together we will change millions more lives for the better – and change normal for everyone, everywhere within a generation.

We could not have achieved all that we have without you, our partners and supporters. We thank you all for your collaboration and support. Thank you to our wonderful committees and volunteers for all their time and effort to put on such wonderful events throughout the year.

During all this we were deeply saddened by the death of Pat Fulton who was WaterAid’s first employee in Papua New Guinea.

Rob Skinner
Chair, WaterAid Australia


Rosie Wheen
Chief Executive, WaterAid Australia