Low cost toilets

Shopkeeper Maria holding a stack of SaTo Pans
Image: WaterAid/Jerry Galea

A lack of money is often a barrier to people having a toilet, so WaterAid Timor-Leste found a low cost way to help people access toilets.

SaTo Pans are affordable, water-efficient and durable toilet pans for pit latrines with a self-sealing trap door to block out flies, insects and odours, developed by American Stand Brands. To help build local supply chains, WaterAid introduced these innovative toilets to an importer in Dili and encourages small retailers such as community kiosks and market stall holders to stock SaTo Pans to sell to community members.

Retailing at US$5-6 per pan, with the additional cost of materials for installation, they are much cheaper and easier to install than the ceramic alternative. WaterAid and its partners also provide technical education on installation and use.

Maria sells SaTo Pans at her kiosk in Timor-Leste, “It helps the family to have income. And it helps the community to be healthy…I feel proud because we can support others on low incomes. Otherwise if they want to buy a toilet they have to go far away and pay for transport costs.”

To promote the launch of a shop selling SaTo Pans at Maubara market in Timor-Leste, WaterAid and its partners held a promotional stand displaying SaTo Pans and showing a video on the importance of toilets.

WaterAid employee at the SaTo Pan promotional stand
Image: WaterAid/Jerry Galea