Six people whose lives have been changed by water

5 people


Raoly, 28WaterAid/ Ernest Randriarimalala

Raoly, 28
Moramanga District, Alaotra Mangoro Region, Madagascar

Thank you so much because from now on we no longer have to fetch water far away from home anymore.

Jeevan, 12, and Gyanmaya, 11WaterAid/Mani Karmacharya

Jeevan, 12, and Gyanmaya, 11
Udayapur, Nepal

The first time when I saw the water flowing from the tap, I was so curious to see how it will look like when water flows from the tap and equally I was very happy.

Keo Vannary, 45WaterAid/Laura Summerton

Keo Vannary, 45
Pursat, Cambodia

The closer water source and the new generator have saved me time and energy and I no longer need help to get water; I am more independent. I'm happy because I can get water whenever I want and can do it without having to bother the others so my children can study and my husband can work.

Moustapha, 41WaterAid/ Basile Ouedraogo

Moustapha, 41
Province of Koulpelogo, Region of Centre-East, Burkina Faso

All the farming, the stockbreeding and the gardening work I’m doing is to be able to get the means to take care of my family and my children.

Amina, 26WaterAid/Sibtain Haider

Amina, 26
Sindh Province, Pakistan

I feel very comfortable because I have little children. They kept crying when I left them alone at home and went for water. Now they are happy and enjoy playing all the time.