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A message from the Chair and Chief Executive

Rob Skinner and Rosie Wheen's reflect on the year that's been.

WaterAid's unique strategic role

Find out how WaterAid is uniquely positioned to make a lasting difference to the lives of the world's poorest people.

Our Achievements this year

Water for Women
Image: Water for Women

The start of something new!

This year marked the starting point of our partnership with the Water for Women Fund, an $18 million five-year program funded by the Australian Government that aims to improve the health, equality and wellbeing of Asian and Pacific communities.

Water for Women
Image: WaterAid/Jafet Potenzo Lopes

Water and toilets a national priority

At a national conference in August, the Timor-Leste government reaffirmed its commitment to making clean water and sanitation a top priority. Months later, it more than doubled its water and sanitation budget.

Timor family
Image: WaterAid/Jafet Potenzo Lopes

Edging towards ‘Open Defecation Free’

Almost everybody living in Manufahi and Liquiçá, the two municipalities in Timor-Leste where WaterAid works, now have a toilet in their house. These districts are expected to celebrate ‘Open Defecation Free’ status next financial year.

Girl with toilet
Image: WaterAid/Tom Greenwood

Schools due for water and toilet upgrades

All schools in Papua New Guinea are now mandated to have clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene after the country’s Department of Education launched a new policy in August. WaterAid supported the development and drafting of this policy.

Peus Pi Health Care Centre
Image: WaterAid/Remissa Mak

12 down, 1088 to go...

Following improvements we’ve been helping to make to 12 healthcare centres across Cambodia, we’ve successfully advocated for all 1100 public health centres across the country to have a similar level of water, toilet and hygiene facilities.

Image: WaterAid/Saskia van Zanen

New skills, new data, new insights

WaterAid has trained 40 staff from district and local government in East Sepik, Papua New Guinea to collect water samples and conduct surveys in 366 rural communities where service levels were previously unknown.

Who Gives A Crap toilet paper
Image: WaterAid/James Grant

Who Gives A Crap about WaterAid?

Our good friends at Who Gives A Crap made their biggest donation to WaterAid to date, generously supporting our work building toilets for those in need.

WaterAid staff
Image: WaterAid

Driving internal organisational change

Recognising that change starts in our office, we have commissioned a gender audit in all our offices, reviewed and updated our safeguarding procedures, and are in the process of developing a Reconciliation Action Plan.

A map showing where WaterAId works

WaterAid is helping to changing lives for the better in over 30 countries around the world. Globally, between 1 April 2018 - 31 March 2019, we reached:

  • 385,000 household members with clean water and 433,000 with decent toilets.
  • 1,503,000 household members with good hygiene.
  • 206,000 school students with clean water and 182,000 with decent toilets.
  • 695,000 school students with good hygiene.
  • 1,238,000 people with clean water through healthcare centres.
  • 1,080,000 people with decent toilets through healthcare centres.
  • 991,000 people with good hygiene through healthcare centres.

Our Four Strategic Aims

Kong and Mech
Image: WaterAid/Samrang Pring

Reducing Inequalities

In every program we’re part of, in every country we work, there’s an opportunity to think about how we are bringing about better outcomes for the most marginalised people in society.

Image: WaterAid/Saskia van Zanen

Strengthening Sustainable Services

A popular image of WaterAid’s work is a tap stand or toilet block in a village and the smiling faces of locals who get to use that service. That’s the end goal we all aspire towards, but it’s an image that’s far more complicated than simply turning up to a village, installing some infrastructure and leaving. 

Image: WaterAid/Remissa Mak

An Integrated Approach

If asked to identify which of the Sustainable Development Goals relate most to WaterAid’s work, most people would jump straight to Goal 6, which focuses on ‘Clean Water and Sanitation’. But if you examine the other 16, you’ll start to notice there are plenty of other contenders. 

Image: WaterAid/Jafet Potenzo Lopes

Improving Hygiene Behaviour

They say good things come in threes, and that principle certainly applies when it comes to WaterAid’s work. As important as clean water and decent toilets are, good hygiene is the final and essential piece of the puzzle when it comes to ensuring that people have a healthy, high quality life that is free from diseases.

Strong Partnerships

Our corporate partners play a vital role for WaterAid, providing valuable inputs into our programmatic work, running fundraising events for us and helping us connect with their audiences.

Image: WaterAid/Benjamin James Harris

Country Programs

Sokmal and Soeymom
Image: WaterAid/Remissa Mak


Our progress this year in Cambodia has reinforced the importance of the ‘sector strengthening’ approach that informs so much of our work. 

Ana Maria
Image: WaterAid/ Jafet Potenzo Lopes


Strong partnerships have been a core theme of our Timor-Leste program this year; we’ve consistently found ourselves able to expand our impact and our level of influence by working with others in the sector and by gaining buy-in from national and sub-national leaders.

Image: WaterAid/Tom Greenwood

Papua New Guinea

This year was one of transition for WaterAid Papua New Guinea, with our innovative WaSH and Sports for Development program drawing to a close and our Water For Women-funded project getting underway.

Image: WaterAid/Htoo Tay Zar


This year we commenced our five-year program with Water for Women, where our goal is to support safer births in the Ayeyarwady region.

Our Supporters

Image: Catherine Rigney

Thousands make water commitment

11-year-old Annie was among 4,000 Australians who committed to making water their only beverage for the month of March as part of the Water Challenge. Annie exceeded her target of $280 to raise $434, contributing to a fundraising total of $200,000 which will go towards WaterAid’s work.

Elyse Knowles in India
Image: WaterAid/Prashanth Vishwanathan

Elyse shares her India adventure

Model and ambassador Elyse Knowles visited WaterAid’s programs in Delhi, India, sharing our work with her 900,000 Instagram followers while raising awareness of our Water Challenge event. 

Build a Loo
Image: WaterAid/Kevin Hawkins

School students build their own loo

As part of the annual Melbourne Water Kids Teaching Kids conference, students from Beaumaris, Carrum and Harkaway Primary Schools prepared musical and dramatic skits to educate their peers about the 2.3 billion people worldwide who don’t have a decent toilet of their own. 

Image: WaterAid/Jerry Galea

Another successful year of fundraising

Individual supporters’ donations increased by 22% in 2019. The Water Challenge continued to grow and our tax appeal—which focused on Balbina’s (left) eight hour walk for water—raised the most money of any WaterAid appeal to date.

Our Finances

For our full Directors' report, Summary financial report and Independent auditor's report, please download the .pdf version of our 2018-19 Annual Report or email us at [email protected] to request a physical copy.

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Thank you for your support!

To everybody who donated, supported or partnered with WaterAid this year, thank you so much for your ongoing support!

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