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WaterAid America joined our global federation in 2004, and has been busy changing lives ever since.

The team coordinates the work we do in Latin America and the Caribbean, as well as supporting our programmes around the world. They can be found championing the rights of girls and women through the Girl Strong campaign, and calling on Congress to make sure everyone, everywhere has clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene within a generation.

Their inspiring supporters are making all of this happen, by campaigning tirelessly and raising vital funds. All to give communities the chance to break free from poverty and change their lives for good.

Plumbing vs. gangs

Life will be better for families. The community will be less sick if they can drink good water, and they can have better personal hygiene when they have their own toilets.
Elton, Bilwi, Nicaragua

In the city of Bilwi, Nicaragua, we’re part of an innovative project to help young people stay out of gangs. By learning the skills they need to build wells and toilets, they can help their communities thrive, making a lasting difference to everyone’s lives.

“In my community, we’ve never had a project like this one.”

It might look and sound simple, but a concrete water tank has changed life dramatically for Carla and her family in Nicaragua.

Image: WaterAid/Joshua Briemberg

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