International Training on Urban Rainwater Harvesting System

When: 30 June 2018:
Chuti Resort, Gazipur, Dhaka

Fellowship for this training is being offered to a limited number of deserving candidates. Those who are funded by UN agencies and other international agencies are however NOT eligible for this fellowship.


With a growing population, rampant urbanisation and mass migration along with various city development activities can be seen to take a toll on the available water resources available for the country's people. As surface water becomes contaminated, the single available source remaining open for consumption by people is ground water; over extraction of which on the other hand can give rise to numerous kinds of water crisis in the future. Under such conditions, rainwater harvesting can be seen as an alternative and affordable technical solution for urban areas to meet their basic non-drinking demand such as toilet flushing, car and floor washing, washing clothes and utensils, gardening, etc. Additionally, this system can also help reduce water congestion during the rainy season, if properly used for groundwater recharge.

Considering the need for such a system, WaterAid is organising an International Training on Urban Rainwater Harvesting System, designed specifically for civil engineers, architects, environmentalists, urban planners, policy makers and development practitioners who have an interest in the theory, practice and policies of the rainwater harvesting system.