Thanks for joining the Pupil Pipeline

Thanks so much for signing up to the Pupil Pipeline challenge. Your school's incredible support will help more children like those at Simango School, Zambia, with clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene.

Taking part in the challenge is easy. Here's what to do on the day.

1. Ask your pupils to bring in £2 or a donation of their choice.
£2 could help pay for one metre of pipeline to get clean water to children in Zambia and around the world. £250 could help pay for a handpump for an entire school.

2. Get your pupils to form a long line.
They can go through the playground, over the climbing frame, across the playing field or even around town. Try to make your Pupil Pipeline as long as possible!

3. Start your challenge.
Ask your pupils to pass one or more buckets, jars, cups or anything filled with water along the line without spilling a drop. How quickly can they pass it along?

Then use the water for a project of your choice – for example, watering the plants in your school garden.

"A big thank you to the people who gave us clean water. We will no longer get stomach pains from drinking dirty water. I am very happy."
Abigail, Simango School, Zambia