Youth for SDG 6

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Launched with an aim to connect with the next generation of leaders to become WASH champions and working with them towards a world where everyone, everywhere has clean water, decent toilet and good hygiene.

Why connecting Youth to WASH?

Millions of young people face uncertain economic prospects, low employment rates, and significant social stressors. The youth unemployment rate is 10.6 percent in Bangladesh and 29.8 percent of the total youth population are neither in education, nor in employment or training. It is believed that given the right opportunities, these young people can become change makers with the ability to improve the lives of their communities, while growing the required professional skills and capacity that support them to find work and build successful careers. 

Platform’s Aim

The overall aim of this platform is to engage young people to accelerate progress towards the 2030 Agenda.
Connect youth to act on the critical issues of water, sanitation and hygiene to achieve SDG 6; 
Collaborate with youth to build their skills, capacity and knowledge to become change agents'
Change what is normal together with youth to address issues that are important to young people and their communities.

How will Youth for SDG 6 work?

The platform will be led through member volunteers, selected through a creative and competitive selection process. The member volunteers will be equipped with knowledge and skills through comprehensive training from WASH Sector, will work as one or several teams to design and implement WASH agendas in locality, supported where needed by general volunteers. Developing capacity on advocacy, campaign, networking, public speaking skills, problem-solving and decision-making skills. The platform will contribute to overcoming limitations of skilled manpower in the workforce. Graduates will become platform alumni, continuing their involvement through alumni-focused networking opportunities and mentoring of new and existing members.


Role of Advisory Panel

The advisory panel board is a group of dynamic professionals from diverse background who will strategically guide the platform led activities, by underscoring the links between the youth and SDG 6 through their knowledge, guidance and leadership. 

What is SDG 6?

Sustainable Development Goal 6: Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all is one of the 17 global goals set by the United Nations General Assembly. To achieve the targets by 2030, adequate infrastructure, sanitation facilities, encouraging hygiene, enhancing capacity-building support for desalination, water efficiency, wastewater treatment, recycling and reusing technologies, improving accessibility, protecting and restoring water-related ecosystems are necessary. 

Platform’s role

1. Design and deliver a comprehensive training on WASH, campaign design and implementation, project management and life skills for youth
2. Connect platform members to other youth networks and alliances to amplify their voice and work.
3. Maintain and facilitate a strong presence of young voices on WASH nationally and globally. 

What does the future hold?

As the platform grows, youth groups across the country will implement WASH campaigns in solidarity, collaborating with different volunteers and organizations. Creating a critical mass that will influence local, regional and national WASH awareness and action becoming a vocal and valued part of civil society. The platform in the future will expand its regional presence in India, Nepal, Pakistan, Myanmar and beyond. 

Apply for Volunteering for Youth for SDG 6 platform

Apply for Volunteering for Youth for SDG 6 platform

Join the platform and work for your community.

Be involved at our events to build your network and take chances to assist in organizing events for outreaching people. You could be part of our events by supporting us by time, network or creativity and planning. Get recognized through utilizing your existing capacity while building new skills.
Your voice matters. You can be part of campaigns to celebrate International Days to create wider awareness. International Day's Celebrations like World Water Day, World Toilet Day, or Menstrual Hygiene Day and many more that contributes to Sustainable Development Goals.  You one step can help create the necessary change required for the world.
Campaigns are great opportunities to learn from as well as make a wider impact on specific issues. Influencing and advocacy is core to WaterAid’s work. Campaign on issues aims to create right momentum to involve and mobilise everyone for clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene. You can join us with your ideas and be part of a global movement to ensure everyone has water, toilets and good hygiene everywhere.
University life is a great time for learning. Extra curricula can prepare you for the right job. You can help coordinate, network and be involved with your university peers on water, sanitation, hygiene (WASH) issues. You can be a student ambassador for WASH and work in mobilizing peers for a cause.
Be part of the global agenda Sustainable Development Goals. Being Youth for SDG 6 ambassador you can with your passion, energy and knowledge contribute to make the change.
WaterAid will do its best to ensure you feel confident, happy and supported during your volunteering role. We will provide you with the information you need to volunteer, and we will be here to assist you if you have any issues or queries. You can be a volunteer after a through assessment by WaterAid and platform.

In return, we ask our volunteers to read, sign and follow our Global Code of Conduct (PDF) . Please tick the box below to confirm that you have read, understand and agree with our Code of Conduct.