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Inspired by the stories of waste and sanitation workers, ‘Kohinoor’ is a fictional tale detailing a day in life of Kohinoor, a waste picker living in the underbelly of urban Bangladesh.

Supported by Who Gives A Crap and WaterAid Impact Accelerator initiative, the Kohinoor film highlights women waste and sanitation workers - one of the unheard and unknown voices in Bangladesh - who serve a crucial role in maintaining and cleaning our society. 

This film stems from a mission to address one of the most vulnerable group in the waste and sanitation value chain, people who work in landfills, facing multiple layers of vulnerability and uncertainty - making health, safety, and dignity an every-second concern. These challenges are further compounded in respect to women waste pickers and workers.

Waste workers working in landfill are historically deprived of basic amenities, social security, rights, and are faced with unimaginable challenges. Women sanitation and waste workers, like Kohinoor, are especially vulnerable. In the story, as a single mother, she keeps on finding herself at a crossroad of choices to make a better future for her daughter.

Starring Zakia Bari Mamo, Directed by Kamrul Hasan, Produced by Faysal Abbas, Concept by Hasin Jahan, Hossain Ishrat Adib, and Faysal Abbas, Coordination by Sadhli Roomy, Script by Wahid Bin Seraj - the film silently speaks of many issues that demands collective action.

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I’m Kohinoor, I ask you to walk a mile in my sandals, live one moment in my life.

Hear from Hasin Jahan, Country Director of WaterAid Bangladesh and Rosie Wheen, Chief Executive of WaterAid Australia on understanding the 'why' behind the making of Kohinoor:


Kohinoor was released on 23 June 2022. Watch the film here:

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Image: WaterAid Bangladesh
Image: WaterAid Bangladesh