A step towards developing green campus at CRP, Savar

7 March 2023
TCCF funded project


[Dhaka, 5 March 2023] A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has been signed between WaterAid and Centre for the Rehabilitation of the Paralysed (CRP) with a view to driving a project focused on rainwater harvesting technology for improved groundwater replenishment and better utilization of rainwater, titled – ‘Promoting Water Replenishment and WASH Services’. The prime objectives of the collaboration are to ensure –

  • Installation of climate-resilient rainwater harvesting technology with groundwater replenishment and sustainable water use provision and
  • Co-establishment of an effective operation and maintenance mechanism of the installed infrastructure to retain anticipated benefits during post-installation period.

The initiative shall be operational in the Savar campus of CRP, from the date of the signing till a period of 5 years, ending on 4 March 2028.

Hasin Jahan, Country Director, WaterAid; and Dr. Mohammad Sohrab Hossain, Executive Director, CRP; signed the agreement on behalf of their respective organizations, in the presence of Valerie Taylor, Founder and Coordinator, CRP, Md. Khairul Islam, Regional Director, South Asia, WaterAid, Shah Md. Ataur Rahman, Chief of Administration, CRP, Partha Hefaz Shaikh, Director – Policy and Advocacy, WaterAid; and other respected officials from both organizations. The signing event took place on March 5, 2023.

Data suggests that in Bangladesh, the groundwater scenario will show a 26% water supply deficit during dry seasons by the year 2030; while trying to fulfill a 250% increase in water demands. As perilous as it seems, there is also a potentiality for rainwater harvesting for up to 12.75 million liters/year, with 9.3 million liters/year recharged to the ground and 3.4 ML/year secured for non-drinking purposes.

Through the collaboration, WaterAid and CRP aim at increasing groundwater recharge through effective recycling techniques and introducing non-drinking use of rainwater at institution level. Hence, the joint effort is expected to develop CRP as a knowledge hub for rainwater harvesting system and managing aquifer recharge. Over 30 thousand people, including patients attending CRP are expected to be the beneficiaries of the project.

“Collective action is required to ensure all our resources including valuable resource like rain is captured and harvested for the benefit of the planet and People. At WaterAid we believe through a partnership like this we can transform the lives of the poorest and most marginalized communities by improving their access to water while recharging water in the aquifer.”, said Hasin Jahan, Country Director, WaterAid.

Dr. Mohammad Sohrab Hossain, Executive Director, CRP, said, “Our partnering with WaterAid opens up manifold opportunities for us to enrich our Environmental Portfolio. We also opt to utilize the scope for the capacity development of our staff. We have a keen interest to introduce environment-friendly and sustainable practices, which will not only transform CRP as a green campus but also establish us as a replicable model before other stakeholders”.

Valerie Taylor, Founder and Coordinator, CRP, could not attend the ceremony in person but conveyed her good wishes. ‘This partnership between CRP and WaterAid is the beginning of our journey towards developing a green campus through a substantial transformation at CRP,’ said Valerie.   

It is mentionable that CRP, situated in Chapain, Savar, provides medical treatment, rehabilitation and support services with a focus on physical, emotional, social, psychological and economic aspects. The centre is registered with NGO Affairs Bureau.