FSM in humanitarian crisis_Rohinga response

Posted by
Clement Serao
13 November 2017


Managing human excreta is important! Even during emergency. Improper and unsafe disposal of faecal sludge at environment is equivalent to open defecation and it can pose greater risk of public health hazard and potential diseases outbreak.

WaterAid working in the Kutopalong camp and has brought the concept of 'Technical option for Faecal Sludge Management during emergency' through innovative mechanical emptying, collection and gravity fed transportation of faecal sludge and disposing it safely through constructed wetlands. 

Using local and readily available resources and combining science and technologies together, our emergency FSM plant has started operation triggering faecal sludge management of thousands of pit toilets of the camp at Kutupalong, making a safer environment for the inhabitants in need. 

Download our brief concept of FSM during emergency!