International Training on Urban Rainwater Harvesting System

Posted by
Samia Mallik
20 July 2017

The growing population and development activities such as rapid urbanisation, industrialisation and agricultural activities create tremendous pressure on available water resources. Groundwater is increasingly tapped for agricultural, drinking and other commercial purposes and thereby the over exploitation causes salt water intrusion especially in the coastal belt area. Water quality is further limited by the pollution from industries and other sources. Harvesting rainwater and recycling can increase the availability of water where supplies are scarce and become an economical and ecological benefit.

Considering the needs, WaterAid Bangladesh came to collaboration with Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), India to arrange this training in Bangladesh to create wider opportunities at a reasonable cost. After successful training last six years, WaterAid is going to offer the seventh batch in collaboration with CSE.

The course is for sector professionals, civil engineers, architects, environmentalists, urban planners, policy-makers and development practitioners who have an interest in the theory, practice and policies of rainwater harvesting system.

For registration please fill-out the application forms and send them to WaterAid Bangladesh on or before 7 August 2017. Please consult the flyer for details.