Launching workshop of Shit Flow Diagram (SFD) Phase III

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Clement Serao
12 February 2020

The launching workshop of Shit Flow Diagram (SFD) Phase III was held on 12 February 2020 as part of a joint collaboration between WaterAid Bangladesh and Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) India.




Md Khairul Islam, Regional Director-South Asia, WaterAid; Ms Hasin Jahan, Country Director, WaterAid Bangladesh and Dr Suresh Kumar Rohilla, Senior Director, CSE India were present at the workshop, emphasising on the need to speak on and visually lay out excreta management systems in cities, especially in South Asian countries. They shared, that while low- and middle-income countries are rapidly expanding globally, excreta management is seen as a present and future growing concern, eventually impacting public health and the environment. Imploring SFDs now as a decision-making tool will not only help manage large volumes of excreta in cities but will also accelerate Bangladesh and neighbouring country’s targets to SDG 6.


At the workshop, WaterAid Bangladesh also presented 9 SFDs and shared how they play a vital influencing role in scaling up the Faecal Sludge Management (FSM) initiative in Bangladesh. CSE India added by explaining how they prepare different SFDs for different cities in India, and the importance of SFDs as a monitoring tool of managing the growing excreta management concern in their country. 

Dr. Radu Ban, Senior Program Officer of Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Dr. Arne Raj Panesar, Head of Sector Program Sustainable Sanitation at giz were also present over Skype at the launching event.