The second Annual National Conference on Urban Resilience

Posted by
Clement Serao
30 November 2017


The second Annual National Conference on Urban Resilience was held in Dhaka last week, bringing together several hundred people from different sectors including the central government, local government, mayors, as well as researchers, academics, NGOs and private sector actors to discuss future pathways to build urban resilience in Bangladesh.

While the first annual conference held a year ago focused mostly on the problems of life in cities as well as urbanisation, this year the discussions moved towards solutions to those problems.

WaterAid Bangladesh was proud to be a part of this conference on the first day of this three day affair, at a plenary session organised by the FSM Network Bangladesh titled "Transforming waste into resources: Bangladesh perspective and prospects". Present at this plenary were members of the network, along with panelists from the Department of Environment, Department of Agriculture Extension and the Local Government Engineering Department (LGED).

The key issues discussed at the session were equitable investment for Faecal Sludge Management (FSM) both in rural and urban areas; urban solid waste management; proper management of non-degradable waste like polythene; license and standardisation process for the co-compost produced from the FSM plants etc. Discussions also emphasised on the operationalisation of the recently introduced Institutional and Regulatory Framework (IRF) for FSM, to indicate how it can work hand in hand with managing the tons of faecal sludge produced in the nation each day!