WaterAid and NIRAS join together for a global training programme on Urban WASH

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Clement Serao
18 December 2017
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WaterAid along with NIRAS consortium has joined for a 15 months long global training programme on Urban WASH. It focuses both on the individual and organisational capacity building with a broader view of capacitating the country as a whole. The first batch of the training in Dhaka had five participants from different development organisations. They all have long experience in urban WASH from which they chose their change project topic. They submitted a completion report on their overall project at the end of the training period.

On 18 December 2017, a half day long roundtable discussion was organised to disseminate the end product of the training which is the change projects, planned and implemented by the participants, with the sector actors.  Around 40 guests attended the event including representatives from Dhaka Water Supply And Sewerage Authority (DWASA), Department of Public Health Engineering (DPHE), Sida, and different national and international NGOs.


For the purpose of this event, the participants developed a presentation including the steps, methodology, and result of their project. Ms. Martini Nee, Programme Manager, WaterAid Sweden mentioned Sida’s concept behind this training programme which is being successfully implemented since 1990. She handed over certificates and congratulated the participants for completing the training successfully. She ended her speech with a hope of establishment of a large network that will carry a shared vision on urban sanitation in collaboration with other countries.