Baseline Report: Country Programme for Establishing Benchmark for Measuring Successes

Baseline Report-Country Programme Establishing Benchmark

The country Programme Baseline Study illustrates, in the WaterAid Project areas around 40% percent household had access to safe-drinking water and 50% percent household had access to protected water sources. Average distances of water sources from households were found 69.2, 41.4 and 273.3 meters in urban WASH, rural WASH and climate resilience areas, respectively. Besides, data show that overall 57 percent households had access to improved sanitation facilities which is higher in urban WASH area (71%). Health facility survey findings indicate that overall 80 percent of the health centres had improved water sources. Among the health centres that had sources of drinking water, in 71 percent cases sources were found functional, it was higher in urban WASH areas (100%) compared to rural areas (52%).