From salty to clean water: no more limitations to drinking


Nasima Khatun lives in Koyra, a union on Bangladesh's coastal border close to the Sundarbans. She is a survivor of the devastating Cycline Aila.

Nasima and many mothers like her waged a constant battle to get drinking water for their families. The cyclone flooded the few freshwater ponds in the area with saline water, forcing Nasima to travel long distances to bring back what little water she could, acutely aware that every spilt drop could mean a thirsty child waiting till the next trip.

WaterAid and its partner Rupantar have installed household rainwater harvesting tanks for families like Nasima’s, so they can collect fresh rainwater throughout the monsoon, and store it safely to cover part of the dry season.

Nasima is relived, she shares -

“Now there is no limitation to what we can drink!”