WaterAid Bangladesh (WAB) invites research proposals on Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) in Community Clinics from recent Master’s graduates, young professionals, and Masters students of Public Health (MPH) and other relevant disciplines (e.g. Development Studies, Environmental Science, Gender Studies,Social Sciences, Medical Sciences) of any public or private universities/institutions of Bangladesh for a research fellowship. We are offering fellowships worth BDT 50,000/= - 100,000/= to support young researchers conducting empirical research on this topic.

An additional 50,000/- will be provided for additional two months on successful shaping and submission to a reputed, peer-reviewed, high-impact International Journal. However, upon successful publication in an international journal, an additional incentive of 100,000/- will be awarded.

Young Researchers Fellowship circular leaflet Download.


  1. Master’s graduates and young professionals should have finished their study within last 3 years, <35 years of age and must currently be engaged in an area of work relevant to their research proposal. 

  2. Students applying must be enrolled in a Masters programme of a Government approved private or public university/institution of Bangladesh. The proposed research should be an integral part for the partial fulfilment of the applicant's Masters programme.

  3. The young researchers should have permission from their work/academic institutions.

The research should focus on critical issues related to WASH in Community Clinics. Where relevant, the issues should reflect the multi-sectoral aspect of WASH, such as its relation to health, nutrition, education, technological innovation, waste management, governance, client satisfaction, service quality, patient flow etc.

Possible areas of interest

Students/researchers are free to propose original research ideas based on the central theme of WASH in Community Clinics. Some areas of interest are additionally indicated below for the researchers who wish to consider them.

 Submission Requirements

  1. Expression of interest along with envisaged budget and proposed time line for conducting the research.

  2. Research proposal/concept signed by the academic/work supervisor. The proposal/concept must be submitted outlining:

 The concept note should be limited to a maximum of 4 pages.

  1. A signed approval letter from the academic/institutional supervisor.

  2. For students, an approval letter signed by the Head of the Institution/ Department/ Division stating the applicant's information (i.e. enrollment year, registration no, academic records etc.) along with the declaration that the proposed research would constitute his/her partial fulfillment of the Masters academic programme offered by the Institution/ University. 

  3. Curriculum vitae of the applicant with signature with a PP size photo.

All necessary documents should be submitted electronically (not more than 8MB) to [email protected] by 18 July 2019.  

The electronic application package must contain all scanned copies of the original signed documents in attachment. The subject line must be "Young Researchers Fellowship Programme 2019” and the name of the applicant's department/division and institution/university. The applicant must submit all original documents upon preliminary selection. Please note that no hard copy will be considered for selection.

Selection process

The proposals will be reviewed by a committee with representation of WASH and health experts. The researchers will be received due guidance and support from the Health Adviser of WaterAid and the PM from CBHC-CCHS Trust on the research, logistics, submission and final presentation. The grantee will be provided with field support or other assistance as deemed necessary by the committee evaluating the feasibility and supportability of the proposed research action plan and budget. Following final selection, WaterAid will communicate with fellows for any final revisions if needed. Finalised concept notes must be signed off by the institutional/academic supervisor prior to beginning research activities.

Each fellowship grantee is required to abide by the Fellowship Programme guidelines, including:

a) Grant disbursement modalities and time frame: Following selection of final research concepts, each grantee will be initially provided with a three-month contract. This contract may be extended as per the requirements of the research, upon discussion with WaterAid Bangladesh and approval of the academic supervisor/institutional supervisor. 

i) The grantee will be awarded the first tranche of 30% of the total grant value upon the submission and confirmation of the tools, formats and data collection plan including field visit, if any. 

ii) The next installment of 30% will be disbursed upon getting the draft report of analysis and data set. 

iii) The final installment (40%) will be awarded upon the final submission of the completed research paper along with separate approval notes from both academic/work and the focal, stating the fulfillment of all criteria set by the committee. 

iv) An additional stipend of Tk. 50,000/- can be awarded if the researcher can publish the manuscript in an esteemed journal with due credits given and under the guidance of WAB during review and finalization.

c) Copyright and Knowledge Management: Apart from the enrolling institution/university and the author him/herself, WaterAid reserves the full copyright of the submitted research project. The Young Researchers Research Fellowship Programme committee will reserve all right to select appropriate grantees. The committee also reserves all right to null and void any selected research project with prior show cause notice issued by the assigned supervisor.

For any queries, please email [email protected] by 27 June, 2019.

There may be a brief pre-submission discussion session on 1 July, 2019 at WAB. If anyone is interested, should secure an appointment communicating to the same email.