This summer, we invite you to #STANDUP for clean water, to help unleash a powerful ripple effect of positive change in people’s lives. When you stand up for clean water, you are standing up for better health, for equality, for girls, for the future.

By giving the gift of clean water you will be helping people in some of the world’s most impoverished and marginalized communities who are in desperate need of this basic life-giving resource — people like Josée in Amberomena village in Madagascar who dreams of starting a business and building a better life for her two children.

Please consider showing your support today, either through a monetary gift or by donating your social media real-estate to help raise much-needed awareness!

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Madagascar statistics

 people don't have clean water.

Almost half the population.

"When we don't have a soccer ball we use a big grapefruit. When I grow up I want to become a driver or a football player." Stefano, 14, posing with a grapefruit in Mahavoky village, Belavabary commune, Moramanga district, Alaotra Mangoro region, Madagascar. May 2017.

 don't have a decent toilet.

Around 9 in 10 people.

"My children don’t have enough to eat, sometimes we eat only cassava, sometimes we have nothing. You know life is not easy." Portrait of Esther Vololonirina, 29 years old, outside their house in Amberomena village. Belavabary commune, Alaotra Mangoro district, Madagascar, February 2018.

Almost under 5 die a year from diarrhea. 

Caused by dirty water and poor toilets.

Portrait of Vero's baby girl, Tompoina, nine months old, pictured at their home in Tsarafangitra village, Belavabary commune, Moramanga district, Alaotra Mangoro region, Madagascar. March 2017.

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Video credit: Nick Kachibala
Photo credit: Rami Accoumeh