This holiday season, gift a gift that lasts a lifetime. A Gift of Water from WaterAid Canada can provide clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene to millions around the world.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does my gift really go towards the purchase of the item(s) described?

Gifts made through Gifts of Water are donations to WaterAid. Gifts of Water is a symbolic giving program where the values and gifts items described are representative of our many clean water and sanitation projects in 37 countries around the world.

How do you calculate the cost of each symbolic gift item?

The price of each gift item is an average of different water, sanitation and hygiene related costs from some of our country programs. All hardware and software components of WaterAid projects vary and fluctuate according to local market trends, location and availability. Prices vary considerably between countries and even by regions in each country. In some cases price points were multiplied to show the amount for more than one item.

What does my friend or loved one actually get?

They’ll receive a beautiful e-card, a physical card via mail or a card that you can print notifying them that a Gift of Water has been purchased for them. You are provided with a choice of four different e-cards, and can personalize a short message.

Do you send the e-card to me or directly to my friend or loved one?

The e-card is sent automatically and directly to the recipient email address of your choice.

Can I personalize the e-card?

Yes. You have the opportunity to write a personal message on your e-card during the secure checkout process.

Can I get one e-card for multiple gifts?

No. Currently each gift receives one individual e-card. So, if you purchase two household toilets for example, you get to send two e-cards.

How long does it take for my e-card to be delivered?

You can select the date that your e-card will arrive during the checkout process.

What happens if my e-card does not arrive?

If some reason your e-card does not arrive, please send an email to [email protected] or call 613.230.5182 or 1-800-370-5658.

How secure is my information?

WaterAid uses an encryption to protect the transfer of personal and financial information between your browser and our servers. When using WaterAid’s registration and donation pages, a small lock or key symbol in the status bar of your browser indicates that you are connected securely. Personal information and financial transactions are stored on our secured database server. Stringent security guidelines are in place to protect this data, and its use and release. For all other questions regarding privacy and how personal information is governed and managed by WaterAid please contact us at 1-800-370-5658.

Will I receive a tax receipt?

When you purchase a Gift of Water, you are making a donation to WaterAid. This makes you eligible for an official receipt for income tax purposes. Once you have completed your purchase, we will issue a tax receipt in your name. It is sent to you electronically within moments of completing the purchase.

Why is giving my email address mandatory?

Providing your email address allows us to reduce our costs, eliminates tax-receipt errors, and ensures that you get your electronic tax receipt immediately. WaterAid respects your privacy. We will not release any donor information to outside sources under any circumstances.

Are WaterAid’s Gifts of Water only for the holiday season?

Gifts of Water makes the perfect gift for all holidays – from Halloween to Chanukah to Christmas and Mother’s Day. They are also a meaningful way to celebrate special occasions, such as weddings, birthdays and anniversaries or to give anytime. You can customize our e-cards for any occasion by writing a personal message to the recipient.

How can I purchase a Gift of Water?

You can purchase your gift from the Gifts of Water store using WaterAid’s secure checkout process at or by calling 1-800-370-5658.

How do I receive my printable PDF card?

The printable card will be sent to you by email or as a PDF attachment along with your charitable tax receipt. It will be sent automatically upon completing the checkout process.