Eight reasons why we love our Voices from the Field team


One of the highlights of our week is receiving updates from our Voices from the Field officers.

Together, our colleagues – Basile, Behailu, Chileshe, Dennis, Ernest, James, Mani and Sibtain – share stories from the communities we’re working with, so you can see how your support is transforming lives for good.

Here’s what we think makes our Voices from the Field team so special:

1. They love sharing their work
James gives copies of his photos to Lillian and Helen in Karamoja, Uganda.

2. They have a great rapport with the people we work with
Behailu smiles for a photo with 80-year-old Birhane in Tigray, Ethiopia.

3. They know when to ask for help
The local community lend Mani a hand after his car gets stuck in the mud in Nepal.

4. They’re brilliant with a camera
Ernest shows Edmond the interview they just recorded together in Ankazobe, Madagascar.

5. They believe in the change clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene can bring
Chileshe captures a moment of celebration at a school in Zambia.

6. They’re passionate about passing on their skills
Mani joins students on a participatory photo project in Nepal, where they used cameras for the first time to document the impact of period taboos.

7. They know how to take a great selfie
Ernest poses for a photo with children from Tanjonandriana and Ankazobe villages in Madagascar.

8. They’re prepared to try, try again