Health workers in Cuamba, Mozambique go above and beyond to treat their patients, but it is not enough. Regardless of how much training they have, how many hours they work, and how much they care about their patients, without clean water, nurses like Maria risk bringing harm to patients. With clean water on tap, the healthcare workers will be able to stay safe and save lives – because Water Means Life.

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"All water pumps available are far away. We have no choice but to walk very long distances to fetch drinking water. We cannot attend to our patients without water." - Maria, Nurse, Nacapala Health Center

nurse holding a baby
Image: WaterAid/ Etinosa Yvonne

This winter, you can help change the story for health centres like Napacala in Mozambique and many other communities around the world. By donating you are helping healthcare professionals like Maria provide the best possible care to their patients.

Your donations could help heal whole communities by bringing clean, running water to their clinics, households and community. Keeping everyone safe, it’s a simple, small solution that you can support. Your kind donation will make a massive impact.

Will you donate to help bring safe, clean water to Napacala and other communities around the world?

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