Ethiopia Launches Hand Hygiene for All (HH4A) Roadmap

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Ethiopia Launches Hand Hygiene for All (HH4A) Roadmap
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Ethiopia Launched Hand Hygiene for All (HH4A) Roadmap during the 2021/2022 Fiscal Year National Hygiene and Environmental Health (WASH) review Meeting in Arbaminch town, Ethiopia. Ministry of Health, Ethiopia in partnership with UNICEF Ethiopia, WaterAid, and other stakeholders, held its annual review meeting on its National WASH progress. The meeting was attended by H.E. Dr. Dereje Duguma, State Minister of Ministry of Health, H.E. Ekram Redwan, Director of Hygiene, and Environmental Health Directorate, representatives of WASH sector Ministries, WaterAid other NGOs, and health bureaus across the country.

In the review meeting, National & Regional WASH progress was discussed, and WaterAid and other partners' lessons and annual updates were presented. Abireham Misganaw, WaterAid Ethiopia’s Wash Advocacy Advisor presented WaterAid Ethiopia’s 2021/22 Fiscal Year performance, achievements, and plans for the upcoming FY.

The event also saw the launch of the Hand Hygiene for All Roadmap. Despite the continued effort of the government and development partners, hand hygiene practice and service coverage remains low. To alleviate the low coverage and increase political commitment, Hand Hygiene for All (HH4A) national roadmap was developed with the leadership of the Ministry of health and the engagement of other sectors and stakeholders.  The roadmap is designed to address the existing gaps in hand hygiene access and practices and serves as a guiding document for achieving global and national commitments.

During the event, H.E. Ekram Redwan, Director of Hygiene and Environmental Health Directorate, acknowledged WaterAid Ethiopia and UNICEF, and other stakeholders for their financial and technical support in the preparation of this National Hand Hygiene for All (HH4A) Roadmap. She also added that the Ministry of Health will make sure the roadmap is used by all WASH stakeholders and calls upon all private sector, entrepreneurs, and development partner organizations to use the roadmap consistently for the design and implementation of hand hygiene interventions throughout the country.

With the leadership of the Ministry of Health, WaterAid facilitated the development and costing process of HH4A by providing technical and financial support on the situational analysis, the preparation of a conceptual framework, multiple consultative workshops with stakeholders, preparation of a subnational action plan, proofreading, layout, and design of the roadmap, as well as the printing of costed roadmap and various communication materials. WaterAid also facilitated the roadmap's presentation and advocacy work at various global and continental events and meetings, including the AfricaSan meeting, the Nutrition for Growth (N4G) summit, and the African Ministers' Council on Water (AMCOW).

Download a short brief on the roadmap here:

Download the Hand Hygiene for All (HH4A) Roadmap here: