What makes for Paani Pe Kabaddi

157 million Indians struggle for clean water. Scarcities, waterborne diseases and long queues challenge them every day. Join hands with WaterAid India and Dabang Delhi Kabaddi Club. Help stop Paani Pe Kabaddi. It’s a kabaddi that’s no game. WaterAid India and Dabang Delhi Kabaddi Club urge you to help stop Paani Pe Kabaddi.

Pani pe Kabadi


What makes for Paani Pe Kabaddi
Absent water. Absent students.

Santoshi Padnam, 43, has been a teacher for 19 years. A member of the Gond tribe, Santoshi currently teaches around 90 children at the Prathmik Shala School in her village. She cites the lack of readily available water among the reasons, why children do not attend school more often.

The sweet taste of water and success.

The tap of dreams opened for her. With a tap connection and a toilet in her home, 13-year-old Saraswati’s life has changed immensely. While earlier, all her spare time before and after school was spent collecting water from a hand pump located about a kilometre away from her home, today she spends that time doing what she loves– studying! She aspires to become a teacher one day.

Thirst reflected in numbers.