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Halma is a global group of life-saving technology companies. Named one of Britain's Most Admired Companies by Management Today in 2019, they provide innovative solutions to many of the key problems facing the world today. Halma has six world-leading water companies as part of its global group: PalintestSensorexHWMHydrekaMini-Cam and UV Group

Bringing clean water to Bihar 

Through a two-year campaign, Water for Life, Halma and its operating companies will join forces with WaterAid to build a safe water supply to 8,000 people in Bhagalpur and Buxar, in northeast India, where only 15% and 3% of the population respectively have access to piped water supply in the community, and just 1% of people in both districts have piped water in their homes. 97% of those in Buxar have access to water that is drawn through arsenic-affected shallow pumps, severely impacting the health of the local children.  

As part of the partnership, Halma will donate £200,000 to support our work in India, as well as its own water quality treatment technology, that will ensure: 

  • 5,000 people gain access to a safe water supply through the installation of water quality treatment systems 
  • 10 villages have community management of operations and maintenance and water quality monitoring – with Halma also training community volunteers to maintain and operate the systems 
  • 3,000 people have the resources to safely harvest water.    
Halma India

What our partners say

Halma's purpose is to grow a safer, cleaner, healthier future for everyone, every day. Providing safe, clean drinking water fulfils every part of this purpose. We are excited to be drawing on our technological expertise, as well as the passion of our people, to support WaterAid to help us build safe and clean water for some of the most vulnerable communities across the globe.”
Constance Baroudel - Sector Chief Executive of Environmental & Analysis Sector

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About WaterAid

WaterAid is an international not-for-profit organisation, determined to make clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene normal for everyone, everywhere. Across India, millions of women are wasting precious time collecting dirty water, children are dying from preventable diarrhoeal diseases, and as a result communities as a whole suffer. Since 1986, WaterAid India has successfully implemented water, sanitation and hygiene projects to transform the lives of the poor and the most marginalised.

What do WaterAid do?

Water and sanitation are basic human rights, and we believe that universal access to Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) services is achievable with the right political will and resources. Working at both the community and government level, we focus on five primary themes of work:

  • Rural WASH 
  • Urban WASH 
  • WASH in schools 
  • WASH in health & nutrition 
  • WASH in disaster risk reduction & climate change adaptation Influencing long-lasting change is integral to everything that we do. We use our experience, our work with partner organisations and our learning through research and analysis to influence policy at local, state, national and global levels.