Jal Sakhi Moniya helps improve her village health-including her own family’s

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Case story
Image: WaterAid India/Pause Photography

Moniya, 25, is married and a mother of two children—aged five and three. A resident of Kurad village in Haryana’s Sonipat district, she is acutely aware of the challenges faced by the families of her village. “One of the biggest problems was children falling ill often,” she said, “At that time I did not know it was because of lack of hygiene and bad quality water, but now I do. Ever since I became a Jal Sakhi I have become aware of such things and the health of my children and others in the village have improved.”

An intervention of WaterAid India and AB InBev, Moniya was selected to take on the role of a Jal Sakhi after discussing it with the village self-help groups. After that, she was trained on testing water quality and how to conduct a survey to identify families who are bereft of a water connection. She was made aware of the importance of potable water and the impact of poor-quality water on health; she was told about water conservation and why water should not be wasted. Through her, as a Jal Sakhi, it is expected that an entire community would be made aware of the importance of water conservation and hygiene, and therefore their health would improve.


“Initially people were hesitant to take me seriously or take my advice,” Moniya said, “But slowly they were more accepting of my suggestions. The cleanliness level of the village has improved, and water quality testing is conducted regularly so people are drinking good quality water. This is helping improve health.”

Moniya also works as a daily wage worker; her husband works as a driver. Together they earn just enough to sustain their family of four. “But now, with the payment I receive for my work as a Jal Sakhi, I am earning more and am able to help my family better. I can take better care of my children,” she said.

“I hope I can continue this work. Not only is it helping me economically, it is also helping me improve my family’s health and that of the entire community,” Moniya signed off.