Menstrual health and hygiene management during emergencies: A framework for action in India

Kareena Tamang (24) and Anamika Chettri (28) hand over environmentally sustainable cloth sanitary pads to Smriti (16) and Kriti (13). Kareena and Anamika work for the NGO Prerna, which raises awareness on  menstrual health management. Barnesbeg Tea Es ...
Image: WaterAid/ Ranita Roy

In response to the increasing disasters faced by India coupled with a lack of consistent engagement with menstrual health and hygiene management (MHHM), UNFPA and WaterAid India (WAI) have developed a framework to guide action on MHHM during emergencies in India.

This framework and document draw upon the experiences and recommendations of organizations active in disaster response across the country, as well as global guidance for interventions in humanitarian contexts and MHHM. This framework intends to serve as a reference for community-based organizations, NGOs, INGO, networks and Government to support increased and continuous access to

  1. menstrual hygiene products and materials;
  2. supportive facilities like water; sanitation and disposal and waste management product;
  3. information and education around MHHM to tackle inequitable gender norms and practices related to MHHM and;
  4. integration of MHHM into health and protection services during various disasters.

This document outlines the framework for action, highlighting the four key MHHM action components and the supportive components.