[News] Tokyo Marathon 2025 Charity

7 May 2024

WaterAid Japan will participate in the Tokyo Marathon 2025 [Sunday, March 2, 2025] Charity as a donation recipient organization.

  • Use of donations (planned)
    Donations from the Tokyo Marathon 2025 Charity will be used to support our work in Rwanda.
  • How to participate the charity
    There are two ways to participate.
    1. Those who donate the minimum donation amount or more and who wish to participate as charity runners
     *If the number of runners exceeds the maximum number, charity runners will be selected according to the selection method of WaterAid Japan.
    2. Donation only: 1,000 yen or more

Click here for scheduleFor details, please wait for the announcement of the entry requirements (scheduled for late June).


(Reference) Past competitions