In our new country strategy we have identified two new ways to accelerate attainment of universal access to WASH. The first is modelling of services through service delivery as a way to influence policy and practice. The second is engaging in research that informs and inspires action.

Our current focus is working with others to develop and promote approaches, technologies and systems that will facilitate scaling up of services to more people and improve functionality, quality and inclusiveness of services.

We're also using our service delivery programmes and projects to develop, test, implement and scale up best practices for achieving quality and lasting services.

In our current programmes we are;

  • Modelling provision of WASH in Health Care Centers in Malawi and testing of WASH technologies in Health Care setting.
  • Investing in innovations and modelling the provision of solid and liquid waste management in the Urban centers and small towns
  • Supporting research that is aimed at understanding the causes of high failure rates of ground water supplies


We work with a range of different partners to achieve our goal of bringing water, sanitation and hygiene to everyone, everywhere by 2030.


We work with actors outside the WASH sector to collectively contribute to critical human development outcomes, such as health, education, nutrition and livelihoods.

What we do

For almost twenty years we've been at the heart of expanding access to water, sanitation and hygiene in Malawi, particularly in healthcare centres and schools.