WaterAid is an international non-governmental organisation dedicated to reaching everyone everywhere with clean water, decent sanitation and good hygiene.

These three essentials have a ripple effect on other aspects of life, such as health, education, nutrition and the creation of economic opportunities.

Since 1999 WaterAid Malawi has been a key play in the water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) sector, working closely with partners and stakeholders to reach people across the country with water and sanitation services.

Maggie Kampala taking a sip of potable water for the first time in her life, Vimphere village, Kasungu, Malawi, October 2016.
Image: WaterAid/Dennis Lupenga

At policy level we contribute towards strengthening systems for WASH service delivery, and throughout all our work we advocate for citizen engagement. We also encourage the adoption and expansion of tested technologies and approaches by other WASH providers within the sector.

Meet the team

WaterAid Malawi is a young, energetic and enthusiastic team of 27 staff with a varied range of skills and expertise. The team works across five key areas; Finance & IT, Programmes, People and OD, Programme Quality Assurance and Accountability.

Clean Hands Save Lives
Image: WaterAid

Stories from our work

From the people we work with, to those whose lives have changed because of clean water, good toilets and decent hygiene.

Our strategy

The Malawi Country Programme Strategy 2016-21 is aligned with WaterAid’s Global Strategy 2015-20.

What we do

For almost twenty years we've been at the heart of expanding access to water, sanitation and hygiene in Malawi, particularly in healthcare centres and schools.