We believe that increased access to sustained water, sanitation and hygiene services will be achieved in Nigeria when government institutions are strengthened and coordinated to deliver effectively and people and organizations work in partnership and build their skills, space and power to negotiate and claim their rights to progressively improved WASH services

Our theory of change is hinged on a tri-pod of:

  • strengthened and coordinated government institutions providing sector leadership to deliver services effectively; 
  • enabling people-centric responses where people negotiate and claim their rights; and
  • sector actors working in partnership to ensure better access to sustainable water, sanitation and hygiene services.

WaterAid Nigeria is working to ensure increased citizens' access to high quality, equitable and sustained water, sanitation and hygiene services built on a strong sector and engaged communities. 


Our tripod of change

Tripod of change

Our programmes

We've designed four programmes centered around key thematic areas, to help deliver our strategy and ensure water, sanitation and hygiene for everyone, everywhere.

Get involved

Want to help us achieve our mission? Get involved with our work by becoming a WASH advocate or promoting the Clean Nigeria campaign.