Empowering women through market based approaches


Sanitation is dignity and a matter of equality. Amarachi Nwoye, 28, never imagined the success and transformation toilets would bring her way and to her community – Udi Siding, Enugu State.

“My encounter with WaterAid in 2018 presented an opportunity to grow my business and affect my community positively. Since then, my life has changed! I have learnt how to cast and install the Water Easy Toilet (WET) and many other skills through the training they provided. This has helped my block business and the toilet product has changed my community.

“Before, Udi Siding was an eyesore because open defecation was the order of the day. Black polythene bags filled with feaces were everywhere - from the street to refuse dumps - creating a very bad smell which the residents were used to. Now, things have changed. Most of the houses have and use the WET, and this I can say is due to my business and sensitisation. I feel fulfilled because my income has increased significantly as I make up to N50,000 (fifty thousand naira) sometimes, after installing just two toilets. From the profits so far, I have currently employed four staff and I have been able to open a little boutique to manage on the side. I want to grow like Kenechukwu in Ogrute, so I can buy enough materials and a truck to deliver my products even beyond Udi Siding.”

Amarachi Nwoye who lives in Udi Siding community, Enugu State, is the fourth child from a family of seven and the owner of Divine Grace Block Industry. In a business line mainly dominated by men, many doubted she would be successful since starting out in 2014. Amara found the block business to be attractive and lucrative and decided to work in order to raise capital. After a while, acquired a block mould, paid for a site and set up her block business. Today, Amara no longer visits sites to seek clients but takes orders through phone calls.  

For Amara, who never gives up and loves to learn, she shares how discovering the Water Easy Toilet has made a difference in her business and community at large. Amara Nwoye was identified by WaterAid Nigeria for a Sanitation Marketing Block Business training for the casting and installation of the Water Easy Toilet (WET) under the Sanitation Expansion and Scale-Up (SES) project being implemented in Enugu State. WaterAid Nigeria is working with government and civil society partners to empower women, improve livelihoods in the sanitation space and increase sanitation access by making decent toilets normal for marginalised communities in Enugu State.