Clean Green Pakistan through its Clean Green Campus Programme is mobilising youth to be the change advocates and to promote hygiene culture and sustainable WASH behaviours in their respective campuses.

What is the programme?

The Clean Green Campus Programme is one of the most important elements of the Clean Green Pakistan Movement that is focusing to make hygiene and environmental awareness and actions an intrinsic part of the educational institutions. The programme engages all segments of the campus life; students, academic staff, non-teaching staff, business contractors and visitors to extend learning beyond the classroom/lecture theatre to develop responsible attitudes and commitment, both at home and in the wider community. It offers different initiatives at the campus level in four themes related to public and environmental health that include litter and waste management, water conservation and protection, hygiene promotion and tree plantation.

QAU walk

Why are we doing it?

Young students are often the key drivers of change and can play a very significant role in nation-building. They are not only the leaders of tomorrow but also the pattern of today. They can serve as a catalyst for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)- but only if they are provided with knowledge, skills and opportunities to unleash their potential. In Pakistan, 64 per cent of the total population is below the age of 30 and 29 per cent is between the age of 15-29. This is a great opportunity for the country to invest in young students and engage in healthy discourse.

WaterAid as a technical partner of Clean Green Pakistan Movement is introducing a holistic programme that empowers students and staff to increase the quality of life for the campus community and contribute towards nation-building. The campus programme provides a forum for management, academic staff and students to meet and engage on environmental issues and act for the climate. It improves learning through the development of student’s confidence and sense of citizenship through participation, community work and learning skills (public speaking, reporting and business acumen) level to initiate and sustain activities for the clean and green campus.

QAU walk

How are we doing it?

The programme is engaging the decision-makers of the universities including Vice-Chancellors and senior faculty members for providing ongoing support to initiate a healthy discourse by commencing several activities and to promote hygiene culture and sustainable WASH behaviours in the campuses. This includes the formation of the Clean Green Campus committee which undertakes campus environmental assessment and develops a complete campus action plan and engages both the students and the faculty.

Who are we doing it with?

WaterAid is collaborating with various universities across the four provinces at the national level and has already initiated the venture in collaboration with Quaid-i-Azam University of Pakistan at the federal level. An awareness walk for clean green campus and sensitisation seminar were held at the university premises attended by a large number of students, faculty members and senior authority of the university.

The future is young

Invest in young leadership for cleaner and greener Pakistan

Clean Green Pakistan Movement (CGPM) is the landmark initiative that is designed to attain the targets of SDG 6 and SDG 13. This campaign has a potential to leave no one behind and to engage the all segments of society especially youth to act for the climate in a rigorous way. The breakthrough of the movement is the Clean Green Campus Programme that is engaging the youth to harness their potential and to become climate/water activists and act for a cleaner and greener Pakistan. The sensitivity towards WASH behaviours through this initiative helps at personal, household and community levels. University students once mobilised can lead change in society.