Our Country Programme Strategy (CPS) 2023-2028 is aligned with WaterAid’s Global Strategy 2022-2032, and it aims for advancing climate resilient and universal, sustainable, and safe WASH for wider change.

WaterAid Global Strategy (2022-2032)

Pakistan Country Programme Strategy (2023-28) 

Our Aims

Over the next five years, with communities, civil society, governments, private sector, and financial institutions, we will focus our efforts to accelerate progress towards universal access to WASH in Pakistan through two interlinked aims related to climate resilient WASH and WASH in public health. To do this, we want to develop knowledge and learning, bring innovation in our models to be replicated, and develop networking forums and partnerships.

Our Approaches

Services, Capacity and Influencing

WaterAid will use a system strengthening approach to improve WASH services. This will involve working with stakeholders to analyse the system, develop and test new service delivery models, strengthen the capacity of relevant stakeholders, and influence policymakers.

Partnership and Alliances WaterAid

Pakistan highly values its partnerships with government ministries and departments at federal, provincial and district levels; academic institutions; media; community and religious leaders’ groups; youth, women, and person with disability focused organisations, and public influencers; the private sector; and civil society among other stakeholders. We believe that these partnerships will be essential to catalysing behaviour change and influencing policy at the national, provincial, and local levels. Therefore, we will continue to strengthen our alliances and build upon our work to enhance the capacity of the sector as a whole.

Gender Equality and Inclusion WaterAid

Pakistan highly encourages women and girls' leadership in policy reform, accountability, climate-resilient WASH modelling, and hygiene behaviour change campaigns.

Evidence, Learning and Innovation

Evidence generation and the sharing of learning help drive informed decision-making and influence positive change. In fact, the nexus between WASH, health, and climate remains relatively unexplored in Pakistan.

Our People, Culture and Power

WaterAid will strive to attract and retain the very best people to work for us. Our strength is in our diversity, so we will continue to build on this and invest in our people to develop the new skills and approaches that we will need to achieve our goals. We will do all we can to ensure our staff are able to thrive through meaningful work in a healthy working environment. We will continue to develop the leadership skills required for this next phase, while encouraging vibrant communication within the organisation, flexible working practices, and the open and courageous sharing of views and ideas. We aim to build a culture that is inclusive, fosters innovation, collaboration, and is gender-balanced.

Funding Our Work and the WASH Sector

We will nurture and sustain our strong relationships with the concerned stakeholders and supporters who are allies in our WASH journey. Raising awareness, innovation and WASH leadership to bring new sources and enhanced funding will remain a focus. Our work to convince donors, governments and investors means billions of rupees of funding will flow into climate change, WASH systems and public health to ensure maximum investment impact. We will work with the utmost determination, passion and focus to reach everyone, everywhere with sustainable and safe WASH. Pakistan Country Programme Strategy 2023-2028 aims to bring that day closer, even faster.

Clean water, proper sanitation and good hygiene help everyone around the world live happy and healthy lives.

Let's make this normal for everyone, everywhere, together.