Our Country Programme Strategy (CPS) 2016-21 is aligned with WaterAid’s Global Strategy 2015-20, and its aims of equality, sustainable services, integration and hygiene promotion.

WaterAid Global Strategy

Pakistan Country Programme Strategy

Priorities for 2016–2021

The WaterAid Pakistan’s new Country Programme Strategy sets out five strategic objectives to be achieved over the next five years:

Sustainable WASH services

We will create conditions where the most vulnerable people are able to access sustainable and disaster-resilient WASH services, understand the relationship of hygienic behaviour with the quality of life, and assume responsibility for sustaining WASH initiatives.

Improved sector governance

We will actively support all collaborative efforts and mechanisms to strengthen institutional capabilities for delivering inclusive WASH services, effectively and sustainably.

Sonia, 15, student of class 5, teaching her younger brother in her home in the village of Shevo Kolhi, Union Council Kadi Kazia, District Badin, Province Sindh, Pakistan, July 2017

Cross-integrating WASH with other social sectors

We will proactively engage with other social sectors relevant to WASH such as education, health and nutrition in ways that help the cross-integration of approaches for effective programmes.

Improved sector coordination

We will engage meaningfully with stakeholders to help streamline effective programme coordination mechanisms within the WASH sector.

WASH legislation and prioritisation

We will provide support to all legislative efforts for the recognition of water, sanitation and hygiene as basic human rights. We will also proactively work to secure development and fiscal priority.

Clean water, proper sanitation and good hygiene help everyone around the world live happy and healthy lives.

Let's make this normal for everyone, everywhere, always.