Abdullah's story of Water

Muhammad Abdullah, who is an Imam by profession has been working in the mosque of village Jaday wala in district Muzaffargarh since 2018. He has been a religious leader of the community and everyone listens to what he says and how he acts. Due to this, He feels it his utmost responsibility to aware 300 households of the community about the importance of water and water conservation. 

"In our community, we are facing water shortage issues and are travelling to far flung areas for collection of water. Even people had to collect water from far away water facilities which was very difficult while fasting and because the water was unfit for drinking so waterborne diseases were also prohibiting people from fasting", Abdullah said.

He also added that now, WaterAid has constructed a water filtration plant in our locality which will be operational in a couple of days. I and other people of my area are continuously praying for organisations like WaterAid which have done a huge favour for people like us especially during the times when Ramadan is approaching. May God reward this organisation for such a tremendous service to the poor and marginalised people like us.

Furthermore, as the plant will be extensively used by everyone, I feel it’s the best time to aware people religiously and socially about the responsible consumption of water for future. Allah states in the Quran that He created every living being out of water. Water is a basic and absolute element of life whose wise use is emphasised in Islamic teachings as well. It is also a moral obligation on one's part to conserve water because it is meant to perpetuate life on Earth ultimately.

"During Ramadan, as we Muslims fast, we feel the importance of water more", he remarked.