The media fellowship project aims to build the capacity of journalists of Pakistan to investigate water and sanitation problems and their relation to health, well-being and human development. The program provides an opportunity for journalists to gain first-hand knowledge through research and investigation to ensure responsible and accurate coverage of water and sanitation issues.

  • More specifically, the programme aims to achieve the following objectives:
  • Sensitisation of policymakers through in-depth coverage of water and sanitation-related problems, success stories.
  • Shape public opinion, creating awareness for behavioural change through success stories.
  • Recognise and promote a community of young journalists in the area of water and sanitation through real-time exposure in the field.

It provides an informed and evidence-based context to key policy debates and mutual understanding of WASH as an issue, highlighting in the mainstream media and raising the voice of poor and marginalised people who are living without water and sanitation services.

Myrah's portrait
It is an eye-opening experience for us as journalists to know that so much is going on at the INGO level. And it is a very comfortable relationship between us as fellows and WaterAid.
Myra Imran, The News

A collection of stories

by the media fellows compiled in a book form.

Media fellow books

Stories by the media fellows

Here are the links to a few stories by the media fellows on water, sanitation and hygiene. More can be found at


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Image: Express Tribune

For citizens, water is life. For parties, a lifeline to voters

This much is apparent in the manifestos released by political parties contesting the upcoming general elections. Four major parties have made the resolution of water and sanitation issues part of their agenda. Others seem to have missed the memo.

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Image: Daily Times

The balance sheet on three big-ticket issues

* PTI is the only party among the top three that has approached environment as part of a cross-sectoral and multi-dimensional green growth agenda
* Only the PPP has specifically mentioned sanitation services and has promised to extend these facilities to un-regularised slums

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Image: Dawn

PPP includes water, sanitation in its manifesto

Realising the global environmental changes, the PPP in its manifesto has equated access to safe drinking water with human rights and added for the first time a whole chapter on water and sanitation in the manifesto.

Civic crisis news article photo
Image: The News

Civic crisis

Pakistan is one of the world’s most water-stressed countries with per capita availability of this basic necessity of life decreasing by the day and fast approaching alarming levels. 

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Image: Dawn

PTI, PML-N manifestos focus little on water, sanitation

PTI and PML-N have focused little on water, sanitation and hygiene in their manifestos while the PPP has a complete plan on such issues.

'DHA told to clear trash along coast' news article photo
Image: Express Tribune

DHA told to clear trash along coast

The judicial commission on water and sanitation put on Tuesday Sindh Inspector-General of Police Allah Dino Khowaja on notice regarding the theft of water from canals in the Keti Bandar area.

Picture worth a thousand words image
Image: Express Tribune

Picture worth a thousand words

The exhibition attracted a large number of villagers, students, teachers and civil society members. Everyone was excited to see what the middle-school children have captured through their lens and how truly they have depicted life in Gharo.

The water this desert doesn't want image
Image: The Friday Times

The water this desert doesn’t want

“It will inundate our entire area, which has been suffering a drought for many years,” Sita Bai says, referring to their fears of the effect a reservoir will have on their ancestral village.

Karachi’s marine pollution shows catastrophic results image
Image: Dawn

Karachi’s marine pollution shows catastrophic results

“There are no fish near the shores and we have to travel into open sea to find the catch,” says Abass Mallah, the 40-year-old captain of the boat.

Once world’s fifth largest delta is without a drop of water image
Image: Daily Times

Once world’s fifth largest delta is without a drop of water

Between the several scattered makeshift huts in this small remote village in Thatta district, Slama Khaskheli is lucky enough that she has access to drinking water at her doorstep.

Screenshot of 'Pakistan risks running its water resources dry' news article
Image: Express Tribune

Pakistan risks running its water resources dry

A UN agency put Pakistani authorities on notice that current water shortages could have a drastic impact on the country if the problem is not addressed well in time.

Animals, humans drink from same pond in Kamber-Shahdadkot image
Image: Express Tribune

Animals, humans drink from same pond in Kamber-Shahdadkot

Potable water, which is a basic amenity that must be ensured for all residents by the state, is a distant dream for the locals of this area.