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Stockholm World Water Week is the annual focal point for the globe's water issues. Organised by the Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI), the conference brings together participants from more than 160 countries to exchange knowledge and develop solutions to the world's most pressing water-related challenges.

In 2023, World Water Week is a hybrid event, running both online and on-site between 20th and 24th August. The venue is Stockholm Waterfront Congress Centre in the heart of Stockholm.

With a theme of "Seeds of Change: Innovative Solutions for a Water-Wise World", this year's event invites us to rethink how we manage water. Which ideas, innovations, and governance systems will we need in a more unstable and water-scarce world?

WaterAid will have a booth at World Water Week, and we warmly invite you to visit us. In addition, we are excited to announce that we will be hosting a captivating photo exhibition at the venue. The exhibition, titled Sanitation Work – A Light at the End of the Tunnel? showcases powerful images that highlight the importance of sanitation work. We encourage everyone to explore this thought-provoking display.

Furthermore, WaterAid is actively involved in organising eight sessions during World Water Week. These sessions cover a range of crucial topics and provide valuable insights into water-related challenges and innovative solutions:

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Other events during World Water Week

Carrying Life: Motherhood and Water in Malawi

WaterAid is proud to present the captivating photo exhibition Carrying life – Motherhood and water in Malawi by Laura El-Tantawy at one of the leading contemporary art galleries in Scandinavia – Wetterling Gallery in Kungsträdgården – from 20th to 24th August.

Women’s health is at risk all over the world. Without clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene, women face needless challenges at every stage of their lives. WaterAid is an international organisation working to ensure that everyone, everywhere has access to these basic human rights. Together with photographer Laura El-Tantawy, WaterAid now invites you to a photo exhibition at Wetterling Gallery.

Carrying Life: Motherhood and Water in Malawi by Laura El-Tantawy is an evocative exhibition exploring the relationship between motherhood, women’s health and clean water. Her photographs and moving images expose the emotional toll of pregnancy, childbirth and childcare without clean water and decent toilets.

By focusing on the strength and collective struggle of women in Malawi – where nearly one in four healthcare facilities have no clean water on site – we see the tender moments that keep life flowing in the most difficult circumstances. 

Welcome to the vernissage on the 22nd of August at 6 PM to see the exhibition and to hear Laura El-Tantawy tell about her experiences among the women carrying life in Malawi.


Ethical image use – a talk

Welcome to an informal talk about the ethical use of images in communication and fundraising within civil society.

There is a constant debate in and around the charity sector regarding the appropriate use of imagery in communications. At WaterAid, we take our responsibility to uphold the dignity of the people we work with seriously, ensuring respectful use of their imagery. We understand that unfair representation can have negative implications, and thus, we strive to adopt a rights-based and progressive approach.

One of the key challenges faced by all NGOs is how to sensitively and fairly portray the needs we aim to address. While we recognise that showcasing emotive imagery from communities before intervention helps us in raising funds, the question arises whether such portrayals foster a comprehensive understanding of the entire context over the long term.

Join communications specialists Dennis Lupenga from WaterAid Malawi and Anna Schön from WaterAid Sweden for an informal and engaging discussion on this intricate topic. We hope to encourage an involved conversation with the audience.

23rd of August, 4:30 PM at Wetterling Gallery in Kungsträdgården.


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A woman is cuddling her baby.
Enala Etifala, 19 , with her baby, Thundu Village, Ntchisi District, Malawi.
Image: WaterAid/Laura El-Tantawy

Top image: Manohar Paswan washes himself with water he has collected from a borehole by using a handpump, in Maheshi Village, Bhagalpur, Bihar, India.