Access to adequate sanitation remains a huge challenge in Tanzania. A further challenge behind this is a lack of access to accurate and reliable data, which subsequently influences the ability to plan effective interventions.

In light of this, WaterAid Tanzania is currently working with The Ministry of Health, Gender, Community Development, Elderly and Children, DAI WALIS, and other stakeholders to improve the quality of and access to sanitation data in the country. This project is funded by US AID. 

This has involved creating a National WASH web portal that is accessible to the public and includes accurate and up-to-date statistics and information on sanitation in Tanzania. In order to create the web portal, the project carried out several key activities, including data cleaning in the National Sanitation Management Information System (NSMIS), printing and distributing registers for the collection and storage of data at the sub-village level and hiring an IT Officer to sit within the MoHGCDEC and support NSMIS and web portal troubleshooting.