Improving sustainability of rural water supply

Under the Government of Tanzania’s Water Sector Development Programme (WSDP), by 2020, 80% of people should have access to access to water supply services. However, current rates in rural areas are at 65% for access to improved water. 
Despite significant investment in infrastructure over the last 15 years, routine monitoring data from the Ministry of Water and Irrigation (MoWI) shows that an estimated 35% of water points in rural areas are non-functional.

Our approach in this area has been to test and pilot different technologies and approaches which can solve some of the above challenges. This has included using prepaid water systems, and working with private sector to support rural WASH financing. 

WASH in institutions - healthcare facilities and schools

This key pillar of our work focuses on improving the lives of women and girls. Our projects include working to provide sustainable WASH infrastructure, proper waste disposal facilities, as well as female-friendly toilets. School WASH clubs and hygiene training for frontline healthcare workers ensure the benefits of water and sanitation are maximised. 

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