Sector engagement

At WaterAid Tanzania, everything we do is aligned with the wider WASH sector, ensuring our work is relevant and appropriate for our context. We are part of the key groups, which help to ensure coordination and coherence in the sector. These meetings are used to discuss challenges and solutions, as well as providing a platform for knowledge and experience sharing. We play a lead role in the Technical Working Groups and Development Partner Groups, which focus on achieving the targets of the Water Sector Development Programme. We are also part of the Menstrual Hygiene Management Consortium in Tanzania. 

We support the Government in sector reviews, providing technical expertise, and work to strengthen sectoral polices, and planning and monitoring capacity. 

Research and policy

We use the experience and lessons from our projects to showcase models and innovations to Government, which can be scaled up for national impact. This has included solar pumping systems for rural water supply, for liquid and solid waste mangement, for water, and we are currently engaging with the Government on for village water supply. 

Similarly, we work with Government to strengthen policies on water, sanitation and hygiene. Our key achievements include working with the Ministry of Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children (MoHCDGEC) and UNICEF to create the National Guidelines for Water, Sanitation and Hygiene in Healthcare Facilities, and the accompanying tool kits. Similarly we worked with the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MoEST) and UNICEF to create similar guidelines for WASH in Schools. Both these guidelines set the standards for WASH in institutions across the country. 

We have additionally strengthened the relationship between Private Sector and the Ministry of Water and Irrigation through supporting a national workshop, where an MoU was signed between the two entities. 

The National Guidelines for WASH in Healthcare Facilities 

These guidelines set the standards for all healthcare facilities across the country. WaterAid Tanzania worked with the Government and UNICEF to create them

WASH in Schools guidelines 

These guidelines set out the standards for WASH in all schools in Tanzania. WaterAid Tanzania collaborated with the Government and UNICEF to put them together.

WASH in Healthcare Facilities - a facilitator's guide

We worked with the Government of Zanzibar and other stakeholders to produce guidelines for frontline healthcare workers on WASH in HCFs.

Eliminating cholera in Zanzibar: the national plan

We supported the Ministry of Health in Zanzibar to put together the Zanzibar Comprehensive Cholera Elimination Plan (ZACCEP), which launched September 2019.