At WaterAid Tanzania, everything we do is only possible by working in partnership. 

We are focused on building strong and sustainable partnerships with a range of organisations, networks and individuals, to make clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene a reality of everyone, everywhere.

We are currently widening our range of partners, to include those traditionally outside of the WASH sector. Recognising the Sustainable Development Goal 6 - access to clean water and sanitation, is connected to the other SDGs, in our most recent strategy, we have started to partner with those in the health, education, nutrition, climate change and gender equality sector. 

With regards to Government, we work in partnership with line Ministries, Local Government Authorities, Municipalities and utilities to support their work in the sector. 

Additionally, we have started working closely with the private sector, partnering with them to improving financing mechanisms for WASH, and using their expertise for new innovations and technologies.

In 2017, we began a research project in collaboration with the SHARE consortium, Nelson Mandela University Institute of Science and Technology (NMU-IST), Babati Water and Sanitation Authority (BAWASA) and Babati Town Council to improve WASH town planning. This project demonstrated the importance of participatory partnership in sanitation and hygiene planning. 

Learn more about this unique partnership and the lessons we learned along the way.

The Menstrual Hygiene Management Consortium

We are part of the MHM consortium in Tanzania, which has over 100 partners. We work together to shape MHM policies in the country, aiming to ensure period friendly facilities, affordable products, and MHM education to break the silence on periods.

Image: WaterAid/Docta Ulimwengu

Our strategy 

Our 2013-2028 Country Programme Strategy is part of our longer-term plan to support the Government to reach everyone, everywhere with WASH by 2030.

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