WaterAid Uganda’s vision is to realise a world where everyone has safe water, sanitation, and hygiene. We aim to reduce inequalities that prevent the poorest and most marginalised people from realising their rights to water, hygiene, and sanitation.

We are passionate advocates for the rights of people living in poverty who are marginalised especially women and girls. We promote the integration of water, sanitation, and hygiene into other areas of human development critical for poverty eradication and sustainable development.

Using our past experiences and sector-led approach, we collaborate with academia, research institutions, and gender-focused rights organisations to influence for WASH rights, strengthen services, and boost the  government's capability to deliver sustainable WASH.

Our values


We treat everyone with dignity and respect and champion the rights and contribution of all to achieve a fairer world.


We are accountable to those lives we hope to see transformed, those we work with and to those who support us.


We are bold and inspiring in our actions and words, and uncompromising in our determination to pursue our mission.


We work with others to maximise our impact,and are prepared to take risks to accelerate change.


We are creative, agile, committed to lifelong learning, and prepared to accelerate change.


We act with honesty and conviction and our actions are consistent with openness, equality, and human rights.

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