In response to the pressing needs for improved water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) in Uganda, WaterAid has launched its ambitious Country Programme Strategy for 2023-2028. This strategy is a comprehensive approach to address the complex challenges in the WASH sector, with a keen focus on public health improvement and climate resilience.

Our strategic aims

Positioning WASH Across the Health Sector

Recognizing the critical role of WASH in public health, WaterAid Uganda aims to integrate WASH services into healthcare facilities, schools, and communities. This integration is crucial for enhancing the quality of care, preventing diseases, and promoting hygiene behavior change as part of core public health programs.

Strengthening WASH Resilience to Climate Change

With the increasing impact of climate change, this strategy emphasizes the development of climate-resilient WASH services. This includes adapting to environmental challenges, ensuring water security, and maintaining hygiene practices in the face of climate threats.

Our Strategic Approach

Systems Strengthening

Tackling systemic barriers to achieve sustained, universal access to WASH, through government leadership, effective coordination, and institutional arrangements.

Partnerships and Alliances

Building strong collaborations across sectors and with various stakeholders, including government, private sector, and civil society, to maximize impact.

Advocacy and Influence 

Promoting policy changes and increased investment in WASH at all levels, using evidence-based approaches to advocate for change.

Innovation and Adaptation 

Embracing new technologies and innovative approaches to address the dynamic challenges in the WASH sector.