Our overall strategic purpose is a healthy and productive Ugandan population that enjoys universal and sustained access to WASH services by 2030. 

We believe that increased access to sustained WASH services will be achieved when government institutions are strengthened and coordinated to deliver effectively. 

Furthermore, people and organizations need to work in partnership and build their skills, space, and power to negotiate and claim their rights to progressively improved WASH services. 

Our strategy follows a three-point plan

  • Human rights-based approach (HRBA) 

  • Knowledge management and learning 

  • Region-wide approach 

Our strategic aims

Reducing inequalities

We will address the inequalities that prevent the poorest and most marginalised people from realising their rights to water, sanitation, and hygiene.

Strengthening services

We will strengthen and support the capability of governments and other service providers to deliver sustainable WASH services.

Integrating WASH

We will promote the integration of water, sanitation and hygiene into other areas of human development critical for poverty eradication and sustainable development. 

Improving hygiene

We will promote positive hygiene behaviours and attitudes to maximise the benefits of access to water and sanitation as fundamental to health, dignity, development and the environment.