Our programmes are structured around three pillars in line with the country programme influencing objectives, the WASH in economic development (WIDe), the Efficient institutions (EFFECTi) and the Voice for accountability (V4A) programmes.

Each of them are designed to strategically contribute to the achievement of a single influencing agenda in line with national aspirations and the global strategy themes. 

They are rooted around the areas of greatest need and emerging to allow leveraging of resources and potential impact within the 15-year time frame of our country programme strategy (2016-2030).

Our programmes

WASH in economic development (WiDe) programme 

The WiDe programme highlights the recognition and contribution of WASH in economic development. It will position WASH as a direct contributor and driver in attaining Uganda’s Vision 2040.

Specifically, the WiDe Programme limits its scope to research and evidence synthesis from sector players and aspires to disseminate such through convened dialogues. 

Efficient institutions (EFECTi) programme 

The EFECTi programme is based on the premise that strong institutions contribute to a country’s prospects for growth by reducing leakages resulting from inefficiencies. The programme shall focus on strengthening the Ministry of Water and Environment (MWE) as mandated to deliver WASH services to citizens.

MWE will play a central role in impacting on wider WASH sector, including ministries of health, education, and agriculture. This programme shall build on the existing strength of the institutional coordination framework through sector-wide approaches (SWAps) to improve policy execution. 

Voice for accountability (V4A) programme 

This programme highlights the centrality of voice and accountability in recognition of WASH in economic development and enhancing sector efficiency. Thus, V4A will be the vehicle for advocacy for the other two programmes.

This programme meshes and reinforces the rest of the programmes to bring to life a WASH understanding to different audiences. WaterAid Uganda will work to influence organisations that bring strength in this discipline.