For over 40 years, WaterAid Uganda has delivered critical WASH (Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene) services to millions, focusing on the impoverished and marginalized and emphasizing women and girls. Our mission is to end the WASH crisis and ensure sustainable, universal access for all.

Our role

Convene and Facilitate

We play a pivotal role in bringing together various stakeholders, including state and non-state actors, to effect change through collective leadership. Our efforts are focused on strengthening partnerships, influencing policy development, and fostering inter-agency cooperation for sustainable WASH interventions.


Catalyse Change

WaterAid Uganda actively advocates for improved WASH access in communities, schools, healthcare facilities, and public places. We are stepping up to address the challenges of climate-resilient WASH, aligning our efforts with government health initiatives and drawing in new partners from the private sector and youth.


Innovation and Adaptation

In a rapidly evolving country like Uganda, we are committed to understanding and harnessing the momentum for change. Our initiatives include pioneering WASH facility innovations, such as female-friendly toilets and sustainable service delivery models. We continuously adapt our strategies to respond to new challenges and opportunities.


Learning and Generating Evidence

Evidence-based knowledge is at the heart of our operations. We conduct impactful research and use our findings to influence policy and practice. Our work includes studies like UPGro, focusing on groundwater potential for poverty-stricken areas and evaluations of WASH in healthcare facilities. These research efforts guide the development of guidelines and strategies that have a real-world impact.


Join Us

We are determined to continue our journey until our services are no longer needed. Your support can help us reach tens of millions more. Together, we can make clean water, decent toilets, and good hygiene normal for everyone everywhere in Uganda.